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One Step Workspace for NetDocuments®

Enable any NetDocuments user to create new Workspaces whenever necessary

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The Challenge

By design, new workspaces can only be created by a user with full administrator permissions or by a linked matter management system.

Regular users are blocked from account configuration, because administrative permissions allow potentially dangerous changes.

Unfortunately, this limitation also blocks regular users from creating new workspaces as needed. Which forces them to request an administrator to handle that creation.

This delays important work. Plus, the user must maintain content offline until the needed workspace is created – possibly the next day or next week.

Once the new workspace exists, all related emails, documents and files must be collected and saved there. Assuming the files can all still be found.

One Step Workspace for NetDocuments changes everything

Now a regular user can safely create a new workspace any time needed, without any risk to the account configuration. The entire process takes only a few seconds and requires no additional training for most users.

See One Step Workspace in action

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New workspaces are created when required, allowing work to proceed and reducing risk of lost documentation.

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Creation process is fast, simple and instantly familiar to any NetDocuments user.

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Safe and secure using the user’s existing NetDocuments login and supporting only the workspace creation feature.




Best value if every user will have the ability to create workspaces

Buy unlimited now

Each month you will be automatically charged based on the number of current NetDocuments users as of the renewal date.

Total cost is adjusted monthly to match the current NetDocuments internal user count as of the renewal date.




Only pay for Specified users who may create workspaces, regardless of total user count.

Best value if less than half your users will create workspaces.

Buy specified now

User selection is controlled by membership in a specified NetDocuments Security Group.

Each month you will be automatically charged based on the number of NetDocuments users assigned to the specified Security Group.

Total cost is adjusted monthly to match the current NetDocuments Security Group user count as of the renewal date.

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Choose the Unlimited Plan if all users will create workspaces.

Flexible is the best value if more than half of your users are allowed to create.

Specified is the best value if less than half your users may create.

For example, if you have 100 users, but only 30 will create workspaces, the Specified Plan is a better option at $10/creator.

No minimum term or binding contract. Suspend monthly renewal at any time. Service will continue up to your next renewal date and then cease with no additional charges.

Suspended accounts may be reactivated at any time. Your service will restart immediately and this date becomes your new renewal date.

Our partners are available for sales and implementation assistance

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Frequently asked questions

Purchasing One Step Workspace for NetDocuments is easy. Simply select one of the pricing plans show above and click Buy Now. Then, follow the prompts.

NetDocuments classifies users as either Internal or External. Internal users are users within your organization for whom you are paying for a license. External users are additional users, often from outside of your organization, to whom you might provide some form of limited access.

We use Internal users as the basis for pricing One Step Workspace for NetDocuments because it is the most accurate representation of your NetDocuments user count.

You don’t have to take any additional steps to renew One Step Workspace for NetDocuments. The service automatically renews every month as long as your payment information remains valid or you elect to Suspend or Cancel the service.

One Step Workspace for NetDocuments connects to your NetDocuments repository using the NetDocuments API. Once your service is configured, you provide a simple link to some or all of your NetDocuments users – you decide which ones. The link opens the One Step Workspace website. From there, the user can see existing workspaces values and create new workspaces in any cabinet they can access.

One Step Workspace does not read, download or store any information about your documents. It uses the NetDocuments API to read the values relative to your workspace related profile values. Only current users of your NetDocuments system can connect to One Step Workspace and only while already connected to NetDocuments with their credentials. One Step Workspace also checks the access level of the connected user to make sure they can only add workspaces to cabinets they already have access to.

For your security, the authorization from NetDocuments only lasts about (?????). If it expires, your users will get an error when they attempt to create a new workspace. Renewing the authorization takes just a minute.Your administrator just needs to log in to our service and NetDocuments will see the request.

We will email reminders to all the administrative users on your account before the authorization expires. Any of these users can log in to the service and reset the clock. Once it is renewed we send a confirmation email.

Our Setup and Help information will guide you through the steps necessary to setup One Step Workspace for NetDocuments. You can also contact one of our consultant partners to assist you.

To connect One Step Workspace for NetDocuments as a regular user you must first login to NetDocuments. Once you have logged into NetDocuments, browse to and you will be logged in automatically. Adding a link to your NetDocuments Home Page or bookmarking our site are two ways to quickly access our service once you are logged into NetDocuments.

Log in using the link in the upper right of this page or create a shortcut on your NetDocuments home page. NetDocuments will ask you to confirm your credentials. We never see, have access to, or save your login information. From there you may create a new workspace. If you logged in with a NetDocuments administrator account you may click your name in the upper right and choose “Admin” to access configuration settings for our service (not for NetDocuments itself).

Once logged in to One Step Workspace for NetDocuments using your NetDocuments credentials, click your name in the upper right and choose “Help” to see help text and how-to videos.

To cancel the One Step Workspace for NetDocuments service you must login to the service as an administrator and choose Cancel from the xxxx screen. In order to avoid your monthly recurring charge, you must cancel before your next scheduled renewal date.

Once suspended, your account remains in place, but inactive. You can log in to the service using a NetDocuments administrator account, then click your name in the upper right and choose “Admin”. Once on the Admin site click “Reinstate My Account”. You’ll update your payment info in Paypal, the charge will be processed and the service will restart with a new monthly renewal date of today.

You have made a great decision to rely on NetDocuments for storing your important documents and files safely and accessible from anywhere.

But your users must be able to store documents and files whenever they need to. Don’t let important work be held up or risk losing vital documentation because a new workspace couldn’t be created right now.

Get One Step Workspace for NetDocuments today.

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